Text Your Ex Back

Text Your Ex Back

If you recently broke up with your partner and desperately want them back, Text Your Ex Back may be your best companion. Text Your Ex Back is a self-help guide that takes a radically different approach to solving relationship problems during a breakup. The guide is a product of Michael Fiore, a famous and trusted relationship counselor with a number of publications to his name. Michael Fiore explores the mysteries and psychology behind most relationship breakups and how you can turn the situation around so that you and your ex work things out and reunite.

A Simple Solution To A Complex Problem

how to get your ex backMichael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back is essentially a simple solution to one of life’s most agonizing situations – how to make up with your ex. A lot of people in these situations become desperate and instead do things that push their partner further away.

Michael Fiore cleverly taps into one of the most the most ubiquitous forms of communication in the 21st century – text messaging. The advantages are innumerable and obvious, but most importantly, you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of facing your ex when your emotions are still scattered all over the place. Texting gives you time to read through your message before you send so that you can eliminate anything that might cause more friction. If you are the receiver, you get more time to think about your response.

“Text Your Ex Back” shows you how to reconnect emotionally with your ex without seeming desperate and needy. This is very important because desperation is one of the biggest turn-offs when you are trying to get back with your ex partner. The texting techniques you learn in this guide will help you avoid being needy and desperate. You will learn how to rebuild self-esteem after a breakup so that you can deal with the situation rationally.

What You Will Learn In Text Your Ex Back

As Michael Fiore says about his guide, you will learn a simple process of how to get your ex back using basic text messaging. The author introduces you to five major types of text messages along with a series of cool tricks and subcategories of texts within each category.

Once you grasp what each message category strives to achieve, you’ll have mastered the basic concept on which the guide is based.

Message Categories in Text Your Ex Back

text your ex backThe first major type of text messages is known as ‘Across The Bow Texts’. This type of text, according to the author, is like a shot in the dark. It is the first text you send to your ex after a long time without any contact, probably after more than one month. This type of text is intended to let your ex know that they’ve always been in your mind and that you have no bad feelings towards them. It also shows that you’re not awfully messed up after the breakup. In short, ‘Across The Bow Texts’ are meant to re-establish lines of contact with your ex in a way that does not depict you as needy or desperate.

The second major type of texts introduced in the guide is known as ‘Best Of The Relationship Texts’. These texts are meant to reawaken past experiences using emotional language in a positive way. What you’re trying to achieve here is to rekindle the powerful thoughts your ex already had for you in the past and try to use them to turn around your current situation. According to Michael Fiore, these texts should be fun and should remind your ex about the things they loved most about you.

text your ex back samplesThe next type of texts is known as ‘Intimacy Booster Texts’ and they are designed to make your ex yearn for the closeness and intimacy you shared. These texts can be extremely powerful if used in the right circumstances (such as when your ex is going through a difficult moment). You will learn exactly when to use these texts for maximum effect.

Next is the Green Eyed Monster Text, the type of texts that arouse feelings of jealousy. Although jealousy generally breeds negativity in a relationship, sometimes it can do wonders if used in a ‘suitable’ situation. In this guide, Michael shows you how you can use this powerful emotion to your advantage. However, there’s a clear distinction between manipulation and turning situations to our advantage, and this distinction is made clear in the guide.

And finally, the last major type of text messages is the ‘Emotional Honesty Texts’. Truthfully, all of the concepts you will learn in this guide and how to use the aforementioned types of text messages will work to a great extent when used appropriately. However, sometimes you simply have to cut out the ‘corners’ and get straight to the point by telling your ex how you really feel. There’s no blaming here, no excuses, no fighting, and no mind games. You simply get your phone and tell your ex how you feel, and that’s it.

‘Emotional Honesty Texts’ are sincere and bland. There is no playing mind games here. You simply speak from the heart. Michael teaches you how to do this without seeming desperate. And since you’ll be doing it all through text messaging, there’s no risk of feeling embarrassed or breaking down in front of your ex when you don’t get the response you wanted.

Additional Tricks

In addition to the aforementioned information, Text Your Ex Back contains lots of other cool tricks to enhance your texting, such as attraction texts that can get your ex turned on even if they didn’t want, how to start dating again from a clean slate, how to re-build attraction once you’ve started dating, and much more.


While the texting ideas in Text Your Ex Back are undoubtedly great, it’s worth noting that the guide is no magic bullet. However, you can apply the techniques to a whole lot of scenarios with great success. Some situations are not salvageable and there’s no single solution that will make things better in one night. However, the texting ideas in Text Your Ex Back will improve the chances of you and your ex getting back together by a big percentage.

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